pretty perfect professional nail & hand cleansing brush - Set of 2

$ 8.50

Nail brushes are essential for effective cleaning of the hands & nails! 

Viruses/germs/bacteria hide under your nails!  Our Mirror Mirror professional (and very pretty pink nail brushes) are the perfect tool to give you double the cleaning power when washing your hands at home, at the office or on the go!  They help add friction (super important) and they penetrate to remove biofilms (where the icky virus, microorganisms and germs hide). 

Use with your favorite anti-bacterial soap and stay tuned for our new Mirror Mirror Supremium clean beauty healthy hand & face foaming cleanser with soothing rose hip oil, high potency vitamins A, C & E, mineral pink seaweed extract and healing rose water!

Always apply our Mirror Mirror luxury hand sanitizer gelee after you wash your hands for an "invisible glove" protection ... and at night treat your hands, nails & cuticles with our pretty hands & cuticles oil elixir treatment serum.  Enjoy!

Set of 2 nail brushes